Self-sufficiency a worthy goal

Canada is celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary.

As our country moves forward from its 150th birthday, we all must look what we need to accomplish together over the next half-century.

The fact remains, despite Alberta sitting on the third largest proven oil reserves in the world, Canada is still far removed from being truly energy independent.

Eastern Canada still spends billions every year to purchase oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Nigeria.

The Energy East pipeline — from Hardisty, Alta., to the proposed end point of Saint John, N.B. — would limit our dependence on foreign oil and add billions of dollars to Canada’s economy.

TransCanada, taking into consideration many concerns, has rerouted the Energy East pipeline 700 times.

Only 20% of the world’s total oil reserves are accessible for investment by the private sector. And 50% of those oil reserves are located in Canada.

Canada’s energy future relies on increasing production in order to meet global demand. We are in a unique position to provide safe, secure energy at home and abroad.

Canadians are tired of the blatant hypocrisy of accepting millions of litres in foreign dictator oil while putting up roadblocks to ethically produced Canadian oil.

The Alberta legislature voted unanimously for my motion to call on the federal government to place Alberta and Canada oil ahead of dictator oil. This motion urged Ottawa to phase out the import of dictator oil.

We cannot let the likes of environment activists like Tzeporah Berman and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre block Canada’s progress towards energy independence. They should not be allowed to scare investors away and cause brain drain as talented workers leave with them.

While Ms. Berman’s time on the Alberta Oilsands Advisory Group has come to a rightful end, there are still many that would prefer importing more energy from countries with weaker freedom, environmental and democratic standards.

Let’s be clear, the demand for non-renewable resources across the world is growing. World oil consumption is set to increase into the 2040s. Global demand is set to increase by 31% as developed and emerging countries grow.

Canada has the most regulated, transparent and socially responsible oil reserve, readily able to meet the increased global demand for our energy.

Canada is also one of the leading countries in the world for renewable power generation per capita, a top 10 global investor in renewable energy and clean technology, and the only top oil supplier to the U.S. with carbon regulations on its oil production since 2007.

For these reasons, our energy projects continue to garner support across the country and abroad.

More than 50 indigenous groups support construction of the TransMountian pipeline expansion.

The original TransMountian pipeline has operated for over 60 years without any major accident. With a 252-52 vote in the House of Commons in Ottawa, TransMountain clearly has the fabled “social licence”.

Ms. Berman said there is “no way Energy East is necessary”. Mr. Coderre got an environmental exemption to dump raw sewage directly into Montreal’s waterways. Cities like Victoria, B.C., also continue to dump raw sewage daily with no end in sight.

The federal Liberals introduced a tanker ban on Canada’s west coast, but not the east. Greenpeace and similar groups protest market access on the west coast but not the Gulf Coast, or the Middle East.

Their opposition to the Energy East is hypocritical.

Let’s get Western Canada’s crude oil to refineries in the east. Pipelines are by far the safest and least carbon-intensive way of moving energy products.

By building off the great success Canada has had in harnessing our natural resources, our country will have even more reason to celebrate by 2067.

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