It's not you it's the Carbon Tax

The NDP is at it again.

This time, pedalling the false notion that a rejection of their carbon tax agenda is equal to a rejection of science.

These worn out talking points came last week from Steve Williams, president and CEO of Suncor.

Speaking at an event in Calgary, Williams stated that “the science of the left wing is different that the science of the right wing,” and blamed conservatives for dividing the public on the issue.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some wealthy CEOs might criticize us for rejecting the NDP’s carbon tax, but we are on side with the vast majority of Albertans who are forced to bear the costs of this government’s policies.

Albertans who don’t appreciate being shamed by elites who have no trouble making ends meet for rejecting a policy that has wreaked havoc on household budgets across the province.

Poll after poll shows just how unpopular this carbon tax is, and with good reason — it hasn’t done a thing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead, it simply punishes Alberta consumers by increasing the cost of everything from heating our homes in the winter to putting gas in the vehicle that gets us to work each day.

What it has done is drive emissions, along with good, mortgage-paying jobs, to jurisdictions without a punitive carbon tax regime.

We already see energy jobs booming in places like North Dakota and Texas, while the oil and gas workers in Alberta remain unemployed.

The fact of the matter is that Albertans were sold a false bill of goods when the NDP introduced its carbon tax — a tax they never campaigned on.

They were told that it would buy us the so-called “social license” we needed to get shovels in the ground on a pipeline to tidewater.

Not one pipeline opponent has become a pipeline supporter as a result of this carbon tax and the Trans Mountain pipeline project now hangs in the balance, despite the fact that taxpayers have now assumed the financial risk.

These opponents — the same ones the NDP promised would become supporters if we handcuffed our economy with a punitive tax on everything — are now doing everything in their power to block Trans Mountain.

They are the elected officials in British Columbia that are denying permits and bringing progress to a standstill with an endless stream of court challenges.

They are the so-called “activists”, funded by foreign anti-Alberta interests, that are illegally blocking construction.

Not one of these opponents has been swayed by the Alberta NDP’s carbon tax.

Instead, they are digging their heels in for the long haul.

So, rather than admit it was wrong, the NDP has chosen to smear every Albertan opposed to the carbon tax as a climate change ‘denier,’ a phrase deliberately intended to invoke Holocaust denial.

Anyone that dares challenge this government on the false logic of “social license” or raise a question about carbon leakage is branded as backwards and anti-science.

But, I know that Albertans are smarter than that, and I know they do not believe for a minute that the only way to address climate change is through a carbon tax.

The NDP would be wise to remember this the next time they feel an urge to insult the people they are supposed to represent.

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